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"gerne wieder"

Michael, 61-65, September 2018

"Symphatisches Hotel. Top Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis"

Florian, 31-35, May 2019

"1 Woche voller Freunde mit der Familie"

Babsy, 41-45, June 2019

Tripadvisdor Review – June 2019

Lovely hotel in Port Andratx

We have been to this hotel 4 times, it is outstanding in every area. The location is perfect. The quality is by far outstanding. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

Booking review – June 2019

Excellent spa hotel

Fantastic location everything about Monport is first class surrounded with beautiful maintained landscape.

Tripadvisdor Review – May 2019

Lovely hotel

Stayed here with my wife for four nights in May. The breakfast is outstanding. We had half board and evening meals were great. Staff and service lovely and our room was huge. Nice walk down to the port and nice little town.

Tripadvisdor Review – April 2019

Yet another Lovely Stay

This is a lovely, relaxing hotel with great facilities and within walking distance of the Port with its bars and restaurants. The pool and pool bar are clean and tidy and all of the hotel staff are friendly and will assist with any requests.

Booking Review – Sept 2018

Excellent hotel to stay

We traveled with our 4 month old baby, the hotel staff was very helpful throughout the stay. Breakfast was superb and other facilities such as pool, pool bar were excellent.

Expedia Review – May 2019

Wonderful and peaceful hotel

We stay at this hotel regularly. The pool area is great with brilliant lifeguard. Breakfast has everything you need. We feel very comfortable here.

The most typical dishes of Majorcan cuisine

The most typical dishes of Majorcan cuisine

The summer may already be over, but by no means the good plans.

As we always say and almost relentlessly repeat, Mallorca is a wonderful island that has surprises in store for every season. Plans depending on the weather and your wishes.

Thanks to the slightly cooler temperatures, we can take out again the pots and pans to prepare or try the most autumnal and delicious dishes of Majorcan cuisine.

At Mon Port we have selected some of the most typical dishes in Majorcan cuisine. Recipes that are passed on from generation to generation and vary slightly depending on the chef. Gastronomy as the memory of a people or a family.

1.Arròs brut:

Arròs brut

Although the literal translation, dirty rice, doesn't do justice to the taste, this dish is a favourite among Majorcans.

It is a soupy and very spicy rice that was originally made with game meat. The “dirty” colour, one of the main characteristics, is based on four basic spices: cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and cloves.

As this is a “rural” recipe, the seasonal vegetables used in the dish are usually accompanied by snails or sobrassada.

It is a rice with a powerful and intense taste, ideal for cloudy days.

2.Frito mallorquín

Frito mallorquín

It may be one of the biggest unknowns to visitors, but the frito mallorquín is one of the crown jewels of Majorcan gastronomy.

It's a 14th-century recipe, one of the oldest on the island. Although there are variants with fish or vegetables, the traditional dish is made with lean pork or lamb, potatoes, peppers, liver, spring onions, peas, garlic, olive oil, fennel and salt. For the daring, it is spicy.

Once you try this great unknown, you never forget it.

3.Porcella (Sucking pig)


A native breed of pigs raised in Mallorca makes porcella one of the main dishes for special occasions in Majorcan houses and cellers (restaurants).

The tender and juicy meat is marinated with salt, black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil and then fried in the oven. It is usually served with potatoes and sweet potatoes.

A simple and delicious delicacy.

4.Sucking pig


We know it's the riskiest dish on the list, but we don't want to withhold a delicacy like Majorcan snails from you.

Unlike other places in Spain, Majorcan snails are smaller and are not served fried. After thorough washing, a very tasty broth is prepared with ham, ribs, butifarrón (Majorcan sausage), potatoes, onions, tomatoes, wine, fennel, peppermint, oregano, bay leaf and chilli.

Good aioli for dipping is almost a must.

Majorcan delicacies that will make you enjoy the island with your palate and stomach.

Gastronomy and Cooking